Demo, drywall & floors...oh my!

Pretty much as soon as we got the keys to our house we demoed all the plaster- in every room. It was really damaged so it made sense for us to start fresh. I took particular pleasure in taking down the drop ceiling & pine paneling in my office. I will never understand the trend of lowering a ceiling to 7' (photo below). 

IMG_1921 2.jpg

We pulled up the carpet as well to find that the previous owners had sealed the original fir floors with white paint (except the office as you see above, they were going for allllll wood everything here). This was actually amazing because it kept any stains/odors/major damage from happening. We had the floors refinished with a Swedish Finish- we chose this because they are such a soft wood, we needed an extra hard barrier. Normally I would recommend going with a water-based finish instead, it won't yellow as much over time. 


This is one of my favorite photos from our demo phase- the lath looks so cool! You can also see how they did the arch here too which I love- new drywall going up over that soon. We also did new windows right away because some of the existing ones were cracked and broken. We made changes to a couple of the sizes- adding a bigger window in my office to make the front of the house symmetrical, this was important to me and makes the house look much so bigger from the front. We also removed one off-center window in the living room and turned it into the focal point of the room with a fireplace, built-ins and two small windows on each side. I really wanted to restore as much of the original character to the house as we could so these details made all the difference.  You can see the white floors in this photo below as well- a part of me was sort of tempted to keep them! They were so light and bright- you will see a little nod to this later on in our remodel. :)


Here is the beginnings of our bedroom- you can see the floors look pretty fun here! And look at that clean, new drywall. Paint coming up next!! 

Thanks so much for following along!