Our Little Fixer Upper- The Beginning

Okay here it goes...my first ever blog post. If you're reading this I feel honored that you're here with me. :) 

Back in 2014 my husband and I bought our first home. It was kind of a snap decision to be honest. We went out just 'casually' driving around looking at homes one Sunday and suddenly I yelled 'STOP' pullover! We HAVE to look at this one. I had seen it online and told my mom about it. She then proceeded to drive by it slowly, call me, let me know it was a dump. On an arterial street (sort of busy) and way up on a hill (we have 8 stairs).


We had been in four other homes that morning- all were crowded open houses with so many people it made me nervous just being there. But they also weren't fixers. We walked up the stairs and in the door. We were the only ones in the entire place. An empty house with a realtor sitting a camping chair all alone. First off- it had great bones- the BEST bones. High ceilings, original wood floors, and big windows with natural light pouring in. I ignored the 70's wood trim, weird ceiling panels and stained carpet because I had a feeling- THIS was our house. 


We left with jitters (or at least I did) called my parents and told them "I want the dump!" They thought I was crazy, both being real estate agents for over thirty years, but I encouraged them to come see it in person. My Dad met us at the house and thank goodness he saw what I was talking about. From there we put in an offer that night and the dump was ours. 


I want to walk you guys through the entire process of renovating our home over the last three years. It has been one of the best and one of the hardest things we have done as a couple. We have done most everything ourselves, outsourcing very little which has also been invaluable for my business. Learning first hand how to DIY and get as creative as possible on a tight budget has made me into the designer I am today. So here are a few photos of the start of our first adventure into the world of fixer uppers (these are listing photos so they make things look reallllyyyy good).

I am excited to have you follow along with us as we make this house our home!

xo, Jess